Bathroom Lighting Installation Services

When you think of your bathroom, you probably think of it in a utilitarian sense. But a well-designed bathroom can go a long way toward improving the comfort and convenience of your home. And the lighting sets the tone.

Proper bathroom lighting can improve the value of your home, elevate its appearance, and make it more functional. If you want to improve these parts of your home, then it’s time to get serious about how your bathroom is lit.

If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom lights, we’re here to help. Our certified electricians can assist you by designing custom lighting plans, or we can carry out a vision that you already have. Whatever you need, ADK Electric One can provide you with creative ideas and the expertise to make your vision reality.

Not sure of how you want to light your bathroom? There’s no need to worry. Keep reading to discover some ideas for improving your bathroom lighting design.

Effective Ways to Transform Your Bathroom Space

We can help you transform your bathroom with refreshing style and functional fashion. Use lighting to your advantage by making small rooms seem bigger and large rooms appear more intimate. Play up a room’s architecture, illuminate small spaces, and use dimmers to create the perfect mood. With all these great ways to improve your home, why wait? 

Mirror and Vanity Lighting

Good lighting above your mirrors can give you optimum facial illumination. In addition, good vanity lighting, or sconces on either side of the mirror, can reduce the prevalence of shadows in your bathroom and give the impression of a larger room.

Ceiling Fixture

You successfully make the room appear bigger as soon as you draw a person’s eyes upward. A chandelier or other type of ceiling light fixture can be the personal touch that ties the whole room together. It provides extra light, adds an extra element of sophistication, and makes the room appear larger.

Shower and Bathtub Lights

Whether you are trying to relax before bed, trying to save energy, or trying not to disturb your spouse early in the morning, having a light exclusively for the shower can be very useful. Installing a light over your shower gives you the option to just turn an individual light on instead of turning on ALL the bright lights in the room.

Exhaust Fan Installation

Adding an exhaust fan to your bathroom can help with a variety of common bathroom issues. Most notably, it vents odors quicker than just leaving a door or window open. It can even help you avoid steamy windows after a long hot shower or prevent your smoke alarm from triggering when you blow out a candle.

Vanity Light Installation

Vanity lights help you get a more accurate picture of yourself to perform skincare routines, apply makeup, or perform any number of tasks in the bathroom. These lights also increase the overall illumination in your bathroom, making it safer and reducing the potential of trip hazards. Finally, they’re a great lighting option for bathrooms without windows.


Like a shower light, a bathtub light allows you to specifically illuminate this area for ease of use. This is a great place to put a dimmer. Dimming the light over the bathtub allows you to create the relaxing mood you desire while sinking into that warm bubble bath.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are designed to have their own circuit breaker within them. When they get wet or overloaded, they internally trip the breaker, greatly reducing the risk of a short circuit or fire. Because of the natural hazards in bathrooms (water, steam, etc.), GFCI outlets are required for bathrooms based on modern code standards.

Canned Lighting

If you do not have high ceilings, but would like overhead lighting, canned lighting is a great alternative. Canned lights sit flat in your ceiling and take up very little vertical space. You can place these lights in strategic parts of the room for a more intimate ambience or a more open space.

Toilet/WC Light

Focused halogen or flood lights are a great idea over a toilet, especially if the toilet is separated by a wall or door. This is another ideal place for a dimmer. You can leave the light dimmed all night so that you or your children can find the restroom in the middle of the night. You can also leave your lights on a lower setting so you don’t disturb your sleep pattern any more than you have to.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a good way to highlight artwork or architecture. Use accent lighting to draw your attention to what you enjoy most about the room.

Indirect Lighting

Use hidden lights to add a soft and soothing touch to the room. Add indirect lighting to coves or nooks to illuminate your room with artistic elegance.