Home Standby Generators by Briggs & Stratton

Home Generator Models

Make sure your home or business is protected by a reliable backup power solution! With a Briggs & Stratton generator, you can rely on your lights, appliances or tools, air conditioner, TVs or computers to stay on during a power outage. Standby generators are permanently installed and connected to your home or business’ natural gas line or liquid propane fuel source, along with the applicable transfer switch to support quick power generation. Check out the full line of standby generators available from the trusted experts at Briggs & Stratton.

More power than ever before. The 26kW1 is the generator you pick when your whole home needs power and you need peace of mind. This first of its kind generator is powered with a commercial-grade Vanguard® engine for reliable, clean power and is designed to keep your home and family running no matter what caused an outage

PowerProtect™ 20kW Standby Generator

Providing exact power on both natural gas and liquid propane than any other generator in its class, our 20kW1 generator packs the punch necessary to power large homes demanding power needs.

Want power with less weekly running noise? We’ve got you covered with our 17kW1  generator. Quieter and more powerful than ever before, these generators are American engineered to keep your whole home powered no matter what’s going on outside.

PowerProtect™ 12kW Standby Generator

At nearly half the footprint of competitors, our 12kW1 comes standard with more power. Its unique design and front-facing exhaust also allows for easy placement for installation outside your home.

Home Generator Benefits

Owning a standby generator provides security and confidence that your family’s life will continue uninterrupted, no matter the weather conditions outside.
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    Comfort During a Power Outage

    Keep cool or stay warm, watch your favorite show and enjoy a hot meal while your home generator keeps your home running.

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    Protection Against Storm Damage and Power Outage Costs

    Avoid unexpected financial hits that occur when a home sits without power — including hotel stays, spoiled food losses and basement water damage.

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    Lower Homeowners Insurance Bills

    Reduce your homeowners insurance rate by keeping your home’s lights and security system running, deterring potential home theft when you’re away. 

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    Increased Home Value

    Build equity fast — a recent study by Remodeling magazine showed standby generators increase home resale values by 52.7% of the cost of the generator system.

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    Peace of Mind That Fits Your Budget

    Finance your home generator purchase and make affordable monthly payments.